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Have you ever been honey-trapped??



I love saturday mornings..Getting up late. Browsing the papers sipping the coffee (It is even better for me, since it is my husband’s turn to make coffee on Saturdays!!). It was all pleasant until I stumbled upon an article which left me completely dumbfounded. I never came across this so-called profession ‘Honey Trapping’  before. Believe it or not, I thought it was a joke until I read the article completely till the end. If you do not know about Honey Trapping’. Here is the definition of this profession as given in a top ‘Honey Trapping’ website.
“You know your partner is up to something but cannot prove it – perhaps they have had affairs before and you simply want an excuse to throw them out! Whatever your reason we have the answers “The Honey Trap”.

It goes like this. Supposing a wife doubts on her husband.she contacts the agency, prepares a dossier on her man, including photos,copies of his diary, phone and a list of his favourite pubs /restaurants including the type of girl he likes. The agency will send a lady to trap the man with all kind of accessories like hidden cameras, tape recorders etc.Husband also can arrange his wife to be spied. I almost spilled the coffee when I ran to show the article to my husband ( of course I wont try honey-trapping him 🙂 ) who knew about this already. He gave me additional information that the wife cannot state this as a reason for divorce for financial gain. Once they found out that this was a honey-trap set by the wife, then she cannot claim any settlement after divorce.
Still I could not believe and started browsing the net and found a lot of agencies offering this “service” and the ladies and gentlemen who provide this “service” are really proud about their role.And of course, it does not come cheap. It costs around £2000 just for the initial consultation.All this happening in UK, I do not think it will take time to reach India. India too have honey-trappers, but they are arranged by parents of the bride/groom who would want to know about the prospective groom/bride.
“Mother gifts honey-trapping money to daughter to spy on her boy-friend”. :|OMG – where are we heading to in terms of relationships? Why do people pay so much of money just to prove that the other is not faithful. Yes,Don’t we always feel happy in proving others wrong!! If they do not succeed in proving it, how are they managing to continue with the same person without their conscience pricking them. In case they succeed,how do they believe that the next boy friend will be faithful?
My husband is laughing at me blogging about this article.He doesn’t seem to take this seriously. May be this is how humans evolve? May be the terms ‘Faithful’, trust’, ‘confidence’ ‘truthfulness’ will become meaningless in future.